Done With Microsoft

Posted by Brian Wed, 02 Apr 2008 01:26:00 GMT

Microsoft just made a disgrace of the International Standards Organization (ISO) and it makes me sick. First, a quick summary. In 2006 a document standard known as Open Document Format (ODF) was approved by ISO as an international standard for office documents. Microsoft was invited to participate in the drafting of this standard, but declined. ODF quickly became the default file format of every office suite except Microsoft Office. Microsoft continued to use their proprietary .doc format. Then some governments starting mandating open formats for all documentation, which shut Microsoft out since they had decided not to support ODF. Magically OOXML was born, a poorly documented, overly complicated, impossible-for-anyone-but-Microsoft-to-implement, “open” standard that they have now bribed and rammed through ISO.

They will never get a penny of my money ever again and I am done fixing any computer that uses their software. They deserve absolutely no respect and look forward to their continuing decline.

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