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Posted by Brian Fri, 25 Mar 2011 03:18:29 GMT

Last week I decided to do something I had been toying around with for a while and launched a new website, This will be the new home for all of my software related postings and this blog will be where I post everything else. Essentially it’s a professional vs. personal divide. My most commonly read articles are by far software related, so splitting this way should do most people a favor.

Existing technical posts that have value to others will be redirected to Curmudgeonly Software. I will probably get around to sorting that out this weekend. For now, you can see the next post in my From C# to Perl series on the new website, this time on performance. Also, I have been working on an implementation of tetravex in Perl with SDL that I will be posting on soon. For now you can find the code at github.

This site may also be changing over to WordPress sometime in the near future. When I started this site I chose Typo because I was doing some work with Rails, and because WordPress was becoming the target of more frequent attacks. However, I tried WordPress for Curmudgeonly Software and it is so far and away superior that I’ll probably switch this site as well.


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