New Job

Posted by Brian Thu, 09 Dec 2010 03:19:40 GMT

I mentioned in my last post that I was learning Perl in the hopes of landing a job. Well, that has now paid off as I will be starting at Summersault next week. I’m pretty excited to get out of working with Microsoft tools. I was worried about getting pigeonholed into that if I took another job with it. While C# is a great language, my moral objections to Microsoft’s business practices far outweigh my love of C#. Now I get to work with a variation of the LAMP stack (FreeBSD, Apache, PostgreSQL, and Perl) as part of a small team. And other people can actually see my work this time. That was sometimes frustrating when writing internal web apps.

This change may effect my open source work with Trac. Summersault does not use it internally (RT seems to be the standard with Perl). Up until now LSR’s use of it was a major motivator for me to get involved. We will see if I am able to sustain interest when I am not using it on a daily basis. If not, I will put out a call for someone to adopt the batch modify plugin. The whiteboard plugin will probably just die. I can’t see anybody else wanting to put the necessary work into it.


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