BPM, Books, and ... Perl?

Posted by Brian Sat, 04 Dec 2010 04:26:29 GMT

Due to my lack of posts here I have now scheduled writing time every night for at least a half hour. So far this has proven fruitful. I’ve been hard at work writing a series of posts to finish up My Lombardi Experience. I want to focus on why our BPM experience failed with the hope of preventing other teams from failing in the same way. Right now I have a lot of material that needs massaged into something that I am comfortable posting.

Book reviews may resume as well, but only for those I feel that deserve it. Previously I had been writing something for every book I read, but that became a pain in the ass. The goal was to read less this year, but I still am going to end up in the low 40s. I read one a week last year, so I guess it still counts as less though.

On the coding front I’ve mostly been busy learning Scala and … Perl. That one was certainly a surprise, but a job opportunity came along that required me to learn it. Now hopefully I actually get the job. Unemployment is getting boring. I may write more about Scala and Perl later, but they are so alien to each other that I haven’t even attempted to compare them yet. I can’t imagine too many programmers go from C#, to Scala, to Perl.

Taking the time to learn two new languages has caused my open source work to recede into the background for now. The Trac whiteboard plugin may languish in prototype phase for quite some time now. An Indian company did express interest in hiring me to extend it for their needs, but that never materialized. The batch modify plugin may get some love early next year. I am currently looking at making it aware of custom workflows, but doing so will require a major rewrite. I already started it once, but left the codebase a mess, so I’ll probably start from a new branch.


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