52 Books a Year: #31 - CSS Cookbook

Posted by Brian Fri, 11 Dec 2009 21:30:23 GMT

CSS Cookbook
By Christopher Schmitt

1.5/5 (3 for content, 0 for editing)

CSS Cookbook is a pretty ho-hum entry in the O’Reilly Cookbook series. These books are divided into self-contained “recipes” that one can use to accomplish some task, CSS styling in this case. I read the 2nd edition, which came out after the release of Firefox 1.5 and IE 7, so the content is somewhat dated, but still adequate. It contains basic recipes for styling 90%+ of what you would come across when designing a site. It doesn’t give any insight into how to design a site, but that isn’t one of the goals of the book so I am not holding that against it.

The big problem lies in the editing. The editor of this book needs to be fired. Images are constantly in the wrong sections, captions are wrong, and CSS misleading. It honestly looks like there was no attempt at editing the book at all. From a publisher the likes of O’Reilly this is very disappointing and detracts from the book a lot.

There are no shortage of CSS books to choose from. The Art & Science of CSS is quite good and I have heard good things about CSS: The Missing Manual. Don’t bother with this one.


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