52 Books a Year: #2 - Rapture For the Geeks

Posted by Brian Sat, 27 Jun 2009 02:23:00 GMT

Rapture for the Geeks: When AI Outsmarts IQ
By Richard Dooling


I picked this up on an impulse at the library while walking past the new arrivals display shelves. The title and cover called out for me to read it, even though I had no idea who Richard Dooling was. Unfortunately I listened and gave it a read. This review will be brief because absolutely nothing stood out about this book. Just go read something by Ray Kurzweil or Bill Joy if you wish to learn about the possibility for the technological singularity and role of humanity in such a future. The end of the book attempts to pull everything together into some view of the singularity as a religious phenomenon, but it never comes together into a coherent whole. The rest of the book is just a mediocre rehashing of the work of others. All in all, I’ve read twenty books so far this year and this at the bottom of the list.


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