Combining Dropbox & TiddlyWiki

Posted by Brian Fri, 27 Feb 2009 02:37:16 GMT

Google recently announced that they would be stopping development on Google Notebook, a product that I had been using to organize random thoughts and notes. It wasn’t really that good to begin with, but the announcement provided me with the needed motivation to look into other options. I ended up settling on a combination of Dropbox and TiddlyWiki.

Dropbox is a tool for syncing files across multiple computers. It provides 2GB of file hosting for free. This can be accessed through their website, but where it really shines is with their desktop integration. This integration makes your Dropbox appear to be just another folder on your computer. Adding, removing, and updating files with their remote hosting is handled transparently. I can add files to my Dropbox on my home Ubuntu (yes, it works on Linux) machine and access it from work and vice-versa.

But what does this have to do with replacing Google Notebook? I had heard of Tiddlywiki before but I thought transporting it would be a bit of a pain. However, combined with Dropbox, TiddlyWiki gives you a personal wiki that you can easily access and sync from anywhere. TiddlyWiki itself is just a single HTML file with some really slick javascript that makes it a self-contained wiki web application. You can visit the TiddlyWiki homepage yourself to play with it. Their site will allow you to make whatever changes you want to get a feel for the application, but you won’t be able to save any of them. Its additional functionality and ease of use has also motivated me to use it more than I ever used Google Notebook.


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