Curmudgeonly Complaint #1: I Like All Music! LOL!

Posted by Brian Thu, 22 May 2008 02:07:59 GMT

I have a lot of pet peeves, but over the last couple of years a new one has cropped up: people, who in some attempt at tolerance I suppose, list that they simply like everything. This most commonly occurs with music on social networking sites and always leaves me with an amused grin on my face, quickly followed by a slight level of disgust that anyone could pretend to actually like all music, let alone have heard all of it. While working college radio for three years I heard a wide variety of music and still only scratched the surface of the various genres. I certainly didn’t like all of what I heard and I wasn’t the exception to the rule. In a group with fairly open minded musical taste, we all had artists that we couldn’t stand.

So, what is the point of such a statement? Is it some show of how tolerant they are? A reflection of the shallowness of their top-40-radio-dictated taste? Laziness? Or maybe they live some terribly sheltered existence where they think they really have heard everything? Whatever it is, it amuses me each time I see it.


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