Console TV Aquarium Part 1

Posted by Brian Thu, 03 Jan 2008 03:14:32 GMT


So I decided that my Macquarium wasn’t enough and have now embarked on putting a larger aquarium in my parents old console television. I’m hoping to extend this project later to learn some basic electronics (controlling the light and some valves through the old picture control dials), but for now the goal is just to get a cool looking aquarium in a TV. I wasn’t able to find much of a guide on how to go about it, but it turns out there isn’t much too it. I’ll be writing instructions about I’m working on it.

First, you need a TV. I was able to secure a Zenith (with Space Command!) that, according to the tube, was manufactured in October 1983.

Empty Console TV

Unfortunately I didn’t have my camera around when taking it apart, but there isn’t much to it. Just rip everything out and be careful with the tube. The more adventurous out there may want to try taking the tube apart and keeping the glass panel for the front of the TV. Do your homework first though. You can electrocute yourself on an undischarged CRT or cause an implosion that will send glass flying at high speeds.

Next, you’ll want to look at how the frame of your console is put together. Mine was held together by bolts and glue and required some work with a chisel and hammer to get it apart. And what exactly should you be taking apart? The goal is to get the top off so you can install some hinges for easy fish feeding and maintenance. On my model this involved removing the top and a back brace. The brace went back on with mending plates and the hinges attached to it.

Hinges Installed
Empty Console TV

Next you will want to take measurements for how big of a fish tank you can fit in. I want to keep the built-in speaker if possible, so that allows me to use an aquarium of up to 24”x24”x15”. That works out to a 37.4 gallon tank which according to this calculator will weigh over 400 lbs. Keep the weight in mind when deciding where to put your tank. I’m currently working on securing an aquarium of approximately the size I want or building my own. I’ll update when I have a tank ready to setup.


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